Digging into the Big Apple – First Pre-Move Visit to NYC

NYC Walkin'

Linds and I took an “exploratory trip” to NYC this past weekend, our first visit to NYC since we finalized our plans to make the move there this summer. With a city so vast and amazing as New York, we decided we needed to take a weekend just to explore some neighborhoods and see what would be the best fit for us. This photo above pretty much sums up the entire weekend, as we walked huge portions of the city (a good 4-6 hours each day). It was a great way to see a number of neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, even though my feet were hating me by the end of each day. As Linds said, it felt like we went on a backpacking trip in the city. It was fun and exhausting, but the tasty food options really helped ease the pain…

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Food Fun: Mas Salsa Por Favor

I couldn’t get enough of the fresh salsa we made a few weeks back, so I went for round two. It’s such a simple recipe, but is worlds beyond anything you can buy in a store:

mas salsa por favor

Ripe tomatoes (I like plum tomatoes the best; they’re usually pretty cheap and don’t have tons of seeds/pulp)
Onion (I prefer vidalia; sweet and not too over-powering)
Fresh Cilantro (absolutely key; dried doesn’t even come close)
Jalanpeños (2 or 3 sliced/diced/de-seeded)
Fresh Lime juice (limes are cheap and c’mon, it’s not that hard to squeeze your own)
Salt to taste
Optional ingredients: fresh ground black pepper, cumin, and granulated garlic
(I like to add a few pinches of each of these)

I don’t think I’ve ever measured out anything for this recipe. I’d say you want about 2-1 ratio of tomatoes to onions. The cilantro and other ingredients really depend on your tastes. Do you want it hotter? Add more Jalanpeños or kick it up a notch with habañeros instead (you can also use cayenne pepper if you don’t have fresh peppers). Add salt and lime to taste, but keep in mind that it needs to sit a nice 15-20 minutes to let the flavors combine. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips.

This is great for Spring/Summer pot luck parties, and it goes perfectly with a light beer w/ a lime wedge. The time this takes to make is far outweighed by the impression it can make on your friends. Enjoy.