Song of the Day: “Joeline” by Tom Hamilton & American Babies

Although he’s best known for fronting electronic rock band Brothers Past, Tommy Hamilton also has a burgeoning Americana side project called American Babies. They’ve got a new record, Flawed Logic, coming out in April and have released a full preview for streaming on the Engine Room Recordings site.

They released “Dance All Night” as the 1st official single, but after digging into the newer tracks, I think I like “Joeline” even better (note: “Weight of the World” and “Winter War Games” were already released on the Weight of the World EP).

“Joeline” is track #6. Check it:

Song of the Day: “I Can Change” by LCD Soundsystem

Posting this in honor of LCD Soundsystem’s weekend announcement that they’ll be playing their “final show” at MSG on April 2nd:

This is easily one of my favorite tracks from 2010. In fact, it might even get the top-most slot due to the memory that it’s permanently connected to in my head.

Here’s hoping I can score some decent tickets to this show.