Song of the Day: “Nothing Ever Happened” by Deerhunter

I caught Deerhunter live last Friday down in Austin during SXSW and they rocked this tune hard.

A few things I love about this song:

1) I really dig the opening bass and drums groove. I hear the opening notes and it immediately reminds me of the Spencer Davis Group’s “Give Me Some Lovin'” from way back in the day:

And just when I expect a big, bright major chord organ, they drop this darker bass line for the verse section, which is more reminiscent of a 90’s alt rock tune.

2) I also like the way the different sections flow throughout the song. By ~2:30, we’ve already gone through three distinct sections. And beyond that first change I mentioned above, they’re much more subtle. It all flows perfectly.

3) Like so many of my favorite Deerhunter tracks, the song’s outro seriously kicks it up a notch. From ~2:35 on, it’s just dual-guitar madness. But it’s the riff at ~4:05 that really gets me. It’s just a little finger-tapping riff, but with all the extra distortion, it’s totally loud and raw. Along with all the other guitar layers, it creates this killer, raging jam to close out the tune. Love it.

Song of the Day: “Belong” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Over the last couple days, I’ve been sifting through various video edits of this band’s live set from eMusic’s SXSW Day Party (to be posted soon!). As I said in my SXSW recap, bands like the Pains aren’t usually my style. But these guys put on a great show, and after seeing them live and watching a number of their videos, they’ve now sucked me in. This was one of my favs from the show last week:

It’s called “Belong” and it’ll be on their forthcoming album of the same name (due out on March 29th).

Song of the Day: “Carrying the Torch” by Generationals

Before heading down to Austin for SXSW, I grabbed the latest EP from Generationals — called Trust — based on an eMusic editorial recommendation.

I just can’t get enough of this entire EP, but this is probably my favorite track:

A simple, catchy bassline with some great melodic textures and a mellow dual-vocal delivery. It’s kind of like easy listening without being “Easy Listening,” and I mean that in the best way possible.

Okay, one tune isn’t enough. I also love this one: “Victim of Trap”

Download Trust