Ticketmaster Missing an Easy Opportunity: Make Confirmation Pages More Social

Last Friday, I bought a bunch of tickets via Ticketmaster. Check out the confirmation page for my White Denim tix:

Besides being busy and looking pretty awful overall, notice what’s missing? How about a way for me to share the show to friends or add to my calendar? Considering I immediately shot a note out to a few friends about the shows I just bought tickets to, I think this would be a prime spot for them to at least add some social networking links.

I had a spare minute over the weekend, so I took to Microsoft Paint and created my reaction in visual form: Continue Reading…

Song of the Day: “Drug” by White Denim

The rawkin’ Austin trio has added a second guitar and they’ve gotten a bit more — dare I say — jammy.  Check out the dual-guitar madness on their new track:

White Denim – Drug by WhiteDenim

I finally caught White Denim’s live set down in Austin during SXSW. They seriously rocked, but it was in a weird and rather sterile scene at the Convention Center, so I can’t wait to see them again in a more rock’n’roll kind of environment (like a sweaty NYC rock club).

I also can’t wait to check out their new record which drops on May 24.