Testing out ThingLink’s Image Tagging with Music

I finally just got around to testing out ThingLink.com, which is a cool app/plugin that allows you to add dynamic tags and information within images on the web. One of the niftiest features they’ve added to the service is an integration with Soundcloud, which allows you to directly embed a Soundcloud music player into any image.

Here’s an example using one of my favorite tracks off of White Denim‘s latest album. Hover over the image to get the black and white dots where the links are embedded:

Here’s another approach using a personal photo from my travels in Hawaii:

It’s tagged with a link to my twitter handle as well as one of my own random musical creations, dubbed “Desert Flyaway” (which was created in a single take on a Digitech loop pedal).

And here’s yet another example using an album image from Brothers Past‘s latest release, Everything Must Go, Volume 9:

With this version, we’ve got the following:
1) a Souncloud audio player for “Bitches and Candy” (the main track from the new release)
2) a link to where you can download that track
3) a live video of the same tune via YouTube
4) and a tag for the band’s official twitter handle

Overall, it’s a little packed, but I think it proves the point that there’s a lot you could do with this plugin, including some interesting ways that bands can put it to use (especially if they’re already using Soundcloud).