Loop Pedal Fun, Part 2: Because Sometimes I Attempt to Make Music

I <3 loops

I put this post together a while back when my loop pedal was acting wonky and I had to pull off all the data before bringing it into the shop. In that process I had re-discovered some old loops that actually weren’t too bad. I made a quick attempt at improving the sound quality in an audio editor and then gave each of them a quick name — literally the first words that I thought of when I heard them again. I have no idea why I never posted this, so I figured…why not bust it out in the new year?

Like my previous audio posts, there are definitely some mellow, lullaby-like sounds going on here. But there are also a few other cool themes like a Western/desert thing and other more psychedelic sounds. It certainly ain’t hi-fi but it’s not bad considering the low-budget equipment and that all of these were recorded on-the-fly, completely as improv (the one exception being track #1, the “Drift Away Instrumental,” which was actually my attempt at capturing the groove from the original loop in track #2).

Take a listen…

Desert Flyway by whitperson

Drift Away Instrumental:
Drift Away instrumental 2.5.11 by whitperson

Drift Away – original loop w/ vocals
Drift Away original loop by whitperson

Looping Lullaby:
Looping Lullaby by whitperson

Dripping Icicles:
Dripping Icicles by whitperson

Fade into White:
Fade into White by whitperson

Drunken Cowboy:
Drunken Cowboy by whitperson

Tumbling Weed by whitperson

It’s all pretty amateur and — as my buddy Justin says — I could definitely use some drum and percussion in the mix. That said, I like to think that I’ve hit on some cool sounds and themes. Who knows, maybe someday I can actually pull some of these together as actual songs?

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