Sounds from Vacay: Improv in Open G + Vieques Wind, Rain, and Ocean

Vieques Vacation 2012 2012-03-25 008

On our spring vacation in Vieques, I got inspired by the sights and sounds so I decided to test out the Soundcloud mobile app and do a little improv on my Martin Backpacker. Considering the audio source and that this is all improv, I think this one came out nicely…

Improv in open G + waves and rain at Island Of Vieques by whitperson

Of course, Soundcloud isn’t just for music. You can record anything you think is a cool sound. I was really digging the sounds of the ocean, wind and rain during our trip, so I tried out a couple different recordings:

Waves and Rain at Island Of Vieques by whitperson

Vieques ocean and wind by whitperson