Going For It: Making 2012 My “Code Year” After All

Well, I’m finally going for it. After a slight detour of about half of the year, I’m now going back to my initial resolution for 2012: learning to code.

I have officially decided to dive head-first into a nine-week web dev program at NYC’s tech hub, General Assembly. For the next two and a half months, I’ll be digging into the depths of web development to learn html, css, javascript, jqeury, ajax, and ruby on rails. The program is called the Web Development Immersive and it officially kicks off next week.

I don’t know exactly what to expect on the tail end of this, but I know that I will come out with a very specific set of skills that I can apply as a full-time programmer or as a kick-ass product manager w/ some coding chops (which may be even more up my alley, given my past experience). Either way, I also know it’ll be fast-paced and challenging, and that I will learn a whole lot in just nine weeks.

Although I’m hoping I can document some of my progress on this here blog, I’m also thinking I may need all of my free time for coding purposes. As such I may not be able to do a lot of updates until the course is complete.

Lots more to follow….for now, wish me luck!