New Web App: Best Ever Live Version (v1)

After some little battles with Amazon Web Services and Heroku, I’ve finally got a new Rails app up and running today. Here’s the description:

Best Ever Live Version


Best Ever Live Version is rails app I built for curating the best versions of live concert audio. Registered users can upload or link to their favorite live tracks by providing their own audio, or they can take advantage of a nifty search-and-add functionality that taps into  the web’s largest archive of concert audio (the Live Music Archive). In the future, I’m hoping to add a few key features including: playlist and voting capabilities, basic track editing (for fade-in and fade-out), and a more robust set of sharing options.

(side note: in case you’re wondering about the name, it is a tongue-in-cheek play on the common post-show responses of overly-enthusiastic fans claiming that a specific version of a song was the “BEST EVER!”)

If you’re curious about other apps that I’ve built, check out my portfolio page or dig into the code on my github profile. Also, if you’ve got any suggestions or want to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or just go ahead and fork the project from Github.

Song of the Day: El Ten Eleven – “Thanks Bill”

I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental tunes lately (as I find it helps my productivity and concentration while working), and I recently came back across some tracks by El Ten Eleven. I’ve been digging their loop-based instrumentals for at least a year or so, but it was good to get a little reminder that they existed.

So, um, get your work groove on…

And here’s a little bonus track, just because…