Song of the Day: “À tout à l’heure” by Bibio

Justin posted this to LMB a week or two back, so I’m playing a little catch-up game here, but I’m really diggin’ the vibe on this track. It’s kind of made for a nice, sunny spring day. Check it out:

There are some similarities to Tycho‘s mellow, feel-good electro, but with the added element of the vocals hitting on a catchy melody. I also really like the guitar track as the main thematic hook, and it’s all held together nicely with that thick bass guitar laying down the foundation. Good stuff.

As always, I suggest going direct to the source on this one.

Song of the Day: “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile

Really been digging this new Kurt Vile record….

As far as overall sound and vibe, I still think my original tweet was pretty accurate:


(go here for a bit more info on that Sus2 chord I mentioned)

Of course, like any solid album, this one takes a few listens to really grow on ya. I highly recommend picking up a copy.