Fun with Hip-hop Samples: James Brown’s “Blind Man Can See It” vs. Das EFX’s “They Want EFX”

We were BBQ’ing with my bro-in-law a while back, and as we got started, he asked me what to search for on Pandora for good outdoor party tunes. I immediately spit out the word “funk.” The subsequent Pandora station that we got using that search team definitely queue’d up a few decent grooves, but nothing really caught my ear until this track from one of the funkiest (the?) backing bands ever:

James Brown – “Blind Man Can See It”

While the intro had a nice vamp, what really caught my ear was the groove that kicked in after a minute or two…a nice little jangly guitar riff combined with some soul-stirring keys. The sound literally brought my ears back to the early 90s to what was probably one of my 1st CDs…Das EFX’s Dead Serious. After a couple of measures, I was waiting for that unforgettable opening line to drop in….”bum skiggiddy bum skiggiddy bump!”

Check out the sample in use:

Das EFX – “They Want EFX”

Ha, awesome. I liggidy love the lawless early 90s of hip-hop samples.