Song of the Day: “Come and Save Me” by Jagwar Ma

I’m really digging this new album Howlin’ by Jagwar Ma, and this one is a standout track:

On the album, they’ve mixed together elements of traditional rock, EDM, and thrown in some killer vocal hooks that tie their sound back to the more traditional American songbook (and yes, I know they’re from Australia). In those hooks, I hear elements of classic 60s & 70s soul, occasional Beach Boys-esque harmonizing, along with more 80s and 90s-era rock references (like Jane’s Addiction, Stone Roses).

But those hooks are all mixed, morphed and updated with a more millennial framework of danceable beats and blips. It all makes for a compelling sound that could crossover really nicely to the live stage, especially if they can let the EDM and groove-heavy songs stretch out a bit. I can really see some of these outro sections easily break out into full dance frenzy once they get the crowd moving.

Thanks to Wes at Live Music Blog for putting these guys on my radar.