Two Summertime “Bliss” Mixes

Phish @ Susquehanna, Camden, NJ, 6.10.11

I caught up with my buddy Burke recently and he made a point to say how much he liked my live improv mixes, even though I don’t think he really considers himself a big live music/improv guy. In honor of summer, I recently put together two different all-improv, all-instrumental mixes around a “summer bliss” theme. I’m pretty darn happy with the final products, so I thought I should probably flag the new material on my site before the summer’s over!

Check ’em out:

Podcast #069: Bisco Bliss Mix:

Live Music Blog Podcast #069 – Bisco Bliss Mix by whitperson

Podcast #70: Phish Summer Bliss Mix:

Podcast #070 – Phish Summer 2011 Bliss Mix by livemusicblog

By the way, I typically post most of my mixes over on Live Music Blog to add to our ongoing podcast series (which you can subscribe to via iTunes if you’re so inclined).

New Live Music Blog Podcast: Best of Phish Summer ‘09 Improv

Phish @ Comcast in Hartford, CT 8/14/09 - 8

I finally made my triumphant return to Live Music Blog, after a fairly long hiatus due to all our moving chaos earlier this summer. Since I was lucky enough to catch a few Phish shows this summer, I decided to collect what I thought were the best improvisational segments from all of their summer shows. I mixed them all together DJ-style, and we just posted the mix as our latest podcast on LMB:

Podcast #065 | Best of Phish Summer ‘09 Improv

I’ve had various friends comment on my mixes, suggesting that they’re great workout and/or study music (since a lot of these are similar “improv-only” mixes of all instrumentals). So even if you’re not a Phish fan, you might like this for studying if you find music with vocals distracting. Of course, if you are a Phish fan, I think it goes without saying that you’ll dig the mix.

This is our 65th podcast, so there are obviously a bunch of others in the archives. Check ’em out here: Live Music Blog Podcasts.