Sounds from Vacay: Improv in Open G + Vieques Wind, Rain, and Ocean

Vieques Vacation 2012 2012-03-25 008

On our spring vacation in Vieques, I got inspired by the sights and sounds so I decided to test out the Soundcloud mobile app and do a little improv on my Martin Backpacker. Considering the audio source and that this is all improv, I think this one came out nicely…

Improv in open G + waves and rain at Island Of Vieques by whitperson

Of course, Soundcloud isn’t just for music. You can record anything you think is a cool sound. I was really digging the sounds of the ocean, wind and rain during our trip, so I tried out a couple different recordings:

Waves and Rain at Island Of Vieques by whitperson

Vieques ocean and wind by whitperson

Photo Fun: Remembering My Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trek

An old friend recently posted some photos on Facebook from our Camp Echo days that reminded me of all the photos I had but never took the time to scan in as digital prints. Although I “wasted” away a solid Saturday afternoon with the scanner and my flickr page, it was really fun to re-live some of those great summer moments. I especially liked digging back through the photos from my Sea Kayaking Trip in Alaska. It may not have cost as much as a KNOLs or Outward Bound trip, but it sure was just as a amazing.

Here are a few of my favs:
Morning on the Prince William SoundSunset on the Prince William Soundkayaking whitpersonFull Group Pose

At one campsite, we found this enormous rock jutting out of the ground. My friend Andy and I took turns just settin’ on this thing and embracing the Alaskan summer. I think I may have even tried to write an essay about being on that rock because it was such a powerful natural setting…


Here’s the entire photo set.