Below is a sampling of some of the web apps and sites I’ve built, each with a brief description and a link to a hosted version.


The New

A few years back, before I got into web and product development, I helped my wife set up a basic WordPress site for her private psychology practice. While her practice has thrived quite nicely, I’m sad to say that I let the website lay fallow. The site was due for a fresh coat of paint for quite some time, so in 2013, I began working on some HTML/CSS mock-ups to test out a new design.

The new approach was all about simplifying it down to the core pages she needed to make it a bit more sleek, while retaining some of the kid-centric imagery and iconography — like the moving cog images — that made it work well for her business (which is primarily focused on child psychology). Here’s a quick comparison of the two sites:


New design (mock-up in-progress):

Please note that this is a mock-up and not a finished site, so most of the navigation does not yet function. Once this is all approved and ready to be released, I’ll dig into the WordPress codebase and get this functioning as a full-blown WP template.

2014 update: 

We officially got the new site up and running after a bunch of tweaks and some help from a WordPress expert (who had a bit more free time than I did to make the final move to get this set up as WP theme). Lindsay and I are really pleased with the final site, both in terms of the responsive design for mobile and how true it is the original design. It’s simple, clean, and somewhat playful…exactly what she was intending for her private practice in child neuropsychology. Hopefully, all her new and potential clients feel the same way. So far, so good.



(still in development)


Gigmarklet is a rails app and bookmarklet for saving concerts and events you want to attend with single click or via URL. Users can save the bookmarklet and use it anytime they visit an event page and want to save the event to their account. The app works with event pages from sites like Live Nation, Eventbrite, Seatgeek, Ticketmaster, Ticketweb, TicketFly, and AXS (AEG’s new ticketing site).

The dev version of the app works pretty well, but there are still some bugs & issues with the production version hosted on Heroku (including a broken or blocked Ticketmaster scraper, lack of solid error-handling, and some issues with the Seatgeek and Eventbrite scrapers not working perfectly). Event data is known to be a bit of a mess, since there’s no official standard for how events are listed, even across the major providers. I’m hoping to work out some of the kinks in the weeks ahead, and I’ve already got lots of new features in mind, like calendar export (gcal/ical), reminders for events and on-sales, and some UI functionality for better viewing of long lists of events).


Best Ever Live Version

(still in development)


Best Ever Live Version is rails app I built for curating the best versions of live concert audio. Registered users can upload or link to their favorite live tracks by providing their own audio, or they can take advantage of a nifty search-and-add functionality that taps into  the web’s largest archive of concert audio (the Live Music Archive). In the future, I’m hoping to add a few key features including: playlist and voting capabilities, basic track editing (for fade-in and fade-out), and a more robust set of sharing options.

(side note: in case you’re curious about the name, it is a tongue-in-cheek play on the common post-show responses of overly-enthusiastic fans claiming that a specific version of a song was the “BEST EVER!”)



Subz is an application built on top of the Google Maps API and NYC’s Open Data API for NYC subway entrances. The “Populate” button adds all New York City subway entrance locations to the database, allowing users to search for any subway line and see all of the entrances on a map.



Stokboard is a simple Rails app that retrieves real-time stock quotes and creates dynamic graphs for each stock on a timed interval. Because the stock quotes are retrieved in real-time, please note that the app works best when the stock market is open.



MovieNight is a simple Rails app that utilizes the Open Movie Database API to retrieve information about movies from the IMDB, including release date, rating, actors, etc…



Jinterest is  javascript app that mimics the search and pin format of, utilizing the Flickr API and Parse for data storage.



FastFlickr is javascript app that searches and displays photos via Flickr’s API and does so on a one-second interval.


JS Calc

JS Calc is a basic calculator I built in Javascript.

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